SanYin - praktijk voor acupunctuur

De plek waar u centraal staat!

A brief summary in English

Welcome on the website of SanYin acupuncture! My name is Gertjan Koornneef and I am both Dutch and English speaking, so it is no problem at all to communicate in English with you.

The practice is located in the Vita_Liek health centre in the north of Helmond. You can make an appointment through 06 - 18 87 15 15, the contact form or 

Acupunture can be applied for a wide variaty of pain complaints and other discomfort, both acute and chronic. The relief is often immediate. Acupuncture initiates a self-healing process in body and mind. The diagnosis is specific for every individual, since every individual is unique. In SanYin both acupuncture and Chinese medicine massage (tuina) are applied.

I am a licensed acupuncturist, but I also have more than 20 years experience in companies. Using this experience, I know quite well how health can be influenced if work and private life are out of balance. Acupuncture can help restoring this balance. A personal approach is guaranteed, since every individual is unique.

The tariff for an acupuncture treatment of 45-60 minutes is 60 euro and an intake including first treatment is 75 euro. Check your health insurance for a possible refund. It is also possible te be treated at home, if it is difficult for you to visit my practice. This is possible in the municipalities of Helmond, Laarbeek and Nuenen and cost 8 euro more.

If you doubt what acupuncture can mean for you? It is possible to plan a free appointment with me to discuss the options.